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Oktoberfest is Back in Full Swing This Year

By Bernie Kilkelly // Oktoberfest season starts today, Sept. 17, with the Munich Oktoberfest officially back after two years off due to the pandemic. The 16 days of festivities will kick off with the ceremonial tapping of the first beer barrel by the mayor of Munich, who opens the fest with the Bavarian exclamation “O’zapft … Read more

A Redevelopment Dream Comes True At Garvies Point

By JIM McCUNE // Garvies Point is a residential and recreational paradise on Long Island’s North Shore. Most of the present-day Garvies Point Preserve was formerly part of the Garvie Estate, named for Thomas Garvie, who emigrated from Scotland to Glen Cove in 1803. One of only two local physicians at the time, Garvie was a talented young surgeon, businessman, … Read more

Long Island Breweries That Serve Food

By Hannah Palmer Egan / Special to Newsday // Chances are, if you’re drinking, you’re going to want to eat sooner or later. New York’s laws recognize that, and require breweries to offer food if they’re pouring full beers on-site. But most brewers want to make beer — not run a restaurant — so eats … Read more

Garvies Point Brewery in Glen Cove Doubles In Size, Adds Restaurant

By Corin Hirsch // Seven years and many batches of beer after founding a microbrewery near their childhood homes, two best friends have opened Glen Cove’s most prominent new restaurant adjacent to a brewing operation that doubles their output. At 8,500 square feet, Garvies Point Brewery & Restaurant, a three-year project, is a dockside colossus … Read more

Guide: Long Island Breweries

By News 12 Staff // Looking to check out a brewery? There are many breweries across the island for beer lovers to visit. Check out the list below for breweries in your area.  NOTE: Please check with each brewery to find out more information and follow all COVID-19 protocols. Read More: https://connecticut.news12.com/guide-long-island-breweries

Garvies Point Project To Get Brewery and Restaurant

By David Winzelberg // Garvies Point Brewery, a Glen Cove microbrewery, will open a new facility and restaurant at RXR Realty’s Garvies Point mixed-use development. First opened in Sept. 2016, the Garvies Point Brewery Taproom has been located at 1 Garvies Point Road and will soon relocate and expand at the 7,700-square-foot Garvies Point Marina … Read more

Garvies Point Brewery teams up with RXR

By Ronny Reyes // After RXR Realty prepared its initial plan for development at Garvies Point in 2014, it faced a troublesome problem: what to do with the Marina Support Building. The building was meant to house a business that would complement the proposed marina, but the challenge was finding one that would thrive there, RXR … Read more

McCune: Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Awesome In NEIPAs

By JIM MCCUNE // New England India Pale Ale is a conundrum. It’s not even a recognized beer style. But this new variation on the IPA has emerged as one of the most sought-after, highest-rated, incessantly talked-about beers in America. For anyone who hasn’t heard, NEIPA is an unfiltered India Pale Ale (or Double IPA) … Read more

At Garvies Point Brewery, A New Can-Do Attitude

By JIM MCCUNE // Garvies Point Craft Brewery was so excited about its first-ever can release, the Glen Cove-based company decided to double down on the event by premiering both its award-winning Gold Coast Double IPA and the first of a new sour series called Sour Batch Citra. The Double IPA runs 8 percent ABV; … Read more