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Long Island Breweries That Serve Food

By Hannah Palmer Egan / Special to Newsday //

Chances are, if you’re drinking, you’re going to want to eat sooner or later. New York’s laws recognize that, and require breweries to offer food if they’re pouring full beers on-site. But most brewers want to make beer — not run a restaurant — so eats are often limited to wax-paper satchels stuffed with popcorn or peanuts, or tiny, dusty bags of chips clipped to the wall behind the bar.

But how nice is it when a brewery offers a whole menu of delicious eats? Suddenly, you’re free to take an extended wander through the tap list — drink a few pints, snack on some fries, grab a burger, pair a porter with a cherry-chocolate tartufo.

With LI’s craft beer boom now entering its second decade, there are local brewers who are stepping up their food game with chef-driven menus, trendy food trucks, and even fresh sushi made to order.

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