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At Garvies Point Brewery, A New Can-Do Attitude


Garvies Point Craft Brewery was so excited about its first-ever can release, the Glen Cove-based company decided to double down on the event by premiering both its award-winning Gold Coast Double IPA and the first of a new sour series called Sour Batch Citra.

The Double IPA runs 8 percent ABV; the Citra, a wheat ale, tops out at 5.1 percent with a pH of 3.5.

Garvies Point is the latest to join the national trend of packaging small batch beers in 16 oz. cans and selling them at wildly popular release parties. In many spots, craft beer aficionados line up outside their favorite brewery in early morning to ensure they get the latest and greatest limited-edition beer, which is typically canned fresh – usually within 48 hours of the sale – and runs $18 to $24 per 4 pack.

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