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Garvies Point Brewery in Glen Cove Doubles In Size, Adds Restaurant

By Corin Hirsch //

Seven years and many batches of beer after founding a microbrewery near their childhood homes, two best friends have opened Glen Cove’s most prominent new restaurant adjacent to a brewing operation that doubles their output.

At 8,500 square feet, Garvies Point Brewery & Restaurant, a three-year project, is a dockside colossus where a taproom, brewhouse, restaurant and store intermingle. Boaters can motor in for supper, and tuna poke nachos, steak frites and lobster rolls are on the menu alongside pints of Prybil Pale Ale.

The building, which opened in early June, nestles between the condominiums and apartments of the Garvies Point development, a plot which has had a wending backstory. Like many projects begun before the advent of COVID-19, the brewery was delayed, but co-owners Mark Scoroposki and Ben Kossoff, both 34, motored on through the setbacks.

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